Courtesy by Jetfloat


JETFLOAT pontoon system is made in Canada since 1976; the company have been providing high quality JETFLOAT products to thousands of clients around the globe including Malaysia. Their pontoon systems have been recognised by many industries such as sports, tourism, fishery, personal use, marine, oil and gas, transportation, government agencies, defence, manufacturing and many more. KEMAS KURNIA has been supplying JETFLOAT system exclusively since 2005 in Malaysia especially in tourism, defence and transportation industries.


The proud history of our long term relationship with JETFLOAT LIMITED started with the requirement of Malaysian Defense Ministry (MINDEF) in 2003. The requirement of MINDEF was to have a portable tool that can apply to various application in safety and rescue. Since then our relationship with JETFLOAT have growing constantly. JETFLOAT pontoon system are best described as large building blocks. For over 30 years, Jetfloat has been produced and sold since 1976 by JETFLOAT LIMITED CANADA. The product is engineered for versatility, optimal performance, and ease of use. The portable pontoon can be put together in any shape for any applications. Development of the basic system has made the Jetfloat system most attractive to industries such as military, industrial, environmental, safety-rescue, aquaculture, sports, and leisure. Its modular nature, coupled with low weight, affords quick and easy removal from the water as well as easy transportation and mobility in manhandle able sections. No power tools or special expertise is required to assemble.


There are so many good features when you buy Jetfloat pontoon.

Will not rot, splinter or corrode Easy to assemble No upkeep required
Blow molded, seamless construction Lightweight and portable Jetfloats are made of the highest quality plastic available
High impact and puncture resistant Add-on capability Life expectancy exceeds 30 years
Non-polluting and recyclable Non-skid surface Your imagination is your limit
No leaching or disintegration No hazardous hardware Many applications